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Three year research project in a Basildon primary school, involving over 300 people; children, staff, parents and governors, leading to a promenade performance and book publication, Nest, illustrated by Talya Baldwin. 

Arts in Education: essay by Cleo Fagan, using NEST as a case- study; 'The Art of Not Knowing in Learning Environments: in praise of artist residencies in schools'


Pedagogic sound-work devised with National Trust volunteers at Calke Abbey, Derby. Five audio narratives devised for five audiences to explore the recently opened family apartments.

Teatro aplicado, compiled by Maria Fukelman, for Collection Ciencias Del Arte, includes an essay written by Dr Sally Mackay, with Sarah Cole, about NEST   ISBN: 978-987-3920-57-8

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Weekly Returns

Cartographies of Life and Death exhibition with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Five events in Soho devised in collaboration with Anne Eggebert, exploring the legacy of John Snow's research in to the spread of cholera, including a song, a psychic reading, a cartographers presentation at a swimming pool, and a booklet publication

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The Gathering

In 2022 CSM students and artist Mark Storor returned to Jaywick, Essex, to develop the work begun in 2019, project managed by Sarah Cole. Funded by Essex Council, the project engaged with local people and was based peripatetically at Inclusion Ventures, Jaywick Community Resource Centre, Jaywick Martello Tower, The Never Say Die Pub and Sir Martin Frobisher's Academy primary school.

Image of work by Mark Storor, made with children aged 6-10 from Sir Martin Frobisher Academy, Jaywick

Photos: Tas Kyprianou

The Usual
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Jaywick CSM_244_KNIT.jpg
Half Thoughts

Learning research exploring access to Kettle's Yard, working with different audiences and materials - work included smashing plates, making pom-pom lemons, creating a 'rug' made of talcum powder and opening the door between the museum and the house, changing the flow between the museum and the gallery.

Hourses for Courses

Developed out of a Lifelong Learning enquiry in West Bromwich, this body of work involved working as an Artist-in-Residence in George Salter Secondary School for a year.

During the initial project, the maths classroom became home for a horse to roam, staring wistfully out of the window and nibbling on the apple left on the teachers table.

The art teacher also featured in a video made with his judo club, exploring ideas of power, complicity and consent between combative partnerships.

Central Saint Martins:

As a senior lecturer on the BA Fine Art, I work with students to develop approaches to working in alternative contexts, helping them to learn some of the skills of a social and/or situation responsive practice. As Unit Leader for external projects, I also co-ordinate up to twenty projects a year with partner hosts and artists, such as with Camden Arts Centre, the Petrie Museum, Wellcome, the National Gallery, Peckham Platform, the Warburg Institute, the British Museum and a local primary school. Here are some images from projects over the past ten years.

During 2020/21, students created work online during the Covid pandemic, such as:

Art, Activism and Archive, with Autograph;

I Dance the Other, with Studio Wayne MacGregor

Mark Storor, 2, The Gathering.jpg

Throughout 2019 Sarah project managed The Usual with artist Mark Storor and nine BA Fine Art students from Central Saint Martins, UAL, in the small seaside town of Jaywick. Funded by Essex Council. New work was planned for the summer of 2020 but is now under review due to Covid.

Mark Storor's work, made with local residents and photographer Stephen King, was installed on the weekend of 25 - 27 October 2019, with eight large images hung around the the exterior of Jaywick Martello Tower

The students work was shown around the town of Jaywick on Saturday 8th June 2019.


Some of the students went on to curate and install an exhibition in 2020, in the Windows Gallery at Granary Square, reflecting on their experience of making work in Jaywick. More info about the project with the students can be read here:

The Usual - Photos by Stephen King 

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