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The Change

2022 1 min 15 secs

Cole & Joslin, single screen video, with music by Felix Laband (Falling Off a Horse)

Utilising the early film The Kiss in the Tunnel (1899) by George Albert Smith, courtesy of Screen Archive South East. This video is an experiment in working with archive film footage, green screen and dance.

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Third Thursdays, Brighton  
STUCK, Brighton street view.webp

Projected above the busy lanes on the north end of Kensington Gardens, Brighton, April 2022

STUCK is in crystal ball format, revealing a young woman's movements, made by Cole & Joslin for Third Thursdays

STUCK in Brighton.webp
STUCK 1.png

FUNDING:  a-n Artists Bursary 2021/22

Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin have been awarded an a-n Artist Bursary: Time, Space, Money, to develop their skills in working with 360 video. They will be exploring animation and ways of enhancing interaction - this learning will take place at FuseBox, Wired Sussex. Additionally, they will be meeting with film-maker Andrew Kotting in a mentoring capacity, to discuss social practices, VR and embodied encounters.



Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin received funding from Arts Council England to make STATIC - a 360º video to be viewed on a VR headset, smart phone, laptop or tablet - developed out of their previous collaboration, Messy Business. Throughout the project, they consulted with domestic abuse support groups in Kent and Sussex and attended the Kent Integrated Domestic Abuse Services (Kidas) online events in the autumn of 2020.

For more info see their Instagram: @STATIC_messy, their a-n Blog or WATCH VIDEO HERE