Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin received funding from Arts Council England to make STATIC - a 360º video to be viewed on a VR headset, smart phone, laptop or tablet. Developed out of their previous collaboration, Messy Business, they have been in residence at FuseBox, Wired Sussex, working with 360 Production Consultant Michael Danks. Static has additional support from an a-n Artist's Bursary, People United, Ideas Test and Joining Hands Joining Hearts. Throughout the project, they consulted with domestic abuse support groups in Kent and Sussex and attended the Kent Integrated Domestic Abuse Services (Kidas) online events in the autumn of 2020.

Throughout April and May 2021, they have screened STATIC during online and IRL events at Fusebox, testing user experience and gaining feedback on the work. For more info on Instagram: @STATIC_messy or their a-n Blog


Cole & Joslin have two works on show in the 'dining room' of HOME, in the Museum of Ordinary People (MOOP). This exhibition is part of the Brighton Festival 2021.

Exhibited work is of BURN, a video from their collaboration Messy Business and a new drawing above the fireplace made during the process of developing STATIC.

a-n Artists Bursary 2020

Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin have been awarded an a-n Artist Bursary, to develop new skills in making 360 video during a residency at FuseBox, Wired Sussex.

Leap then Look Podcast


Podcast series - 'interviews with artists working at the crossroads of contemporary art and education'.

Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin were interviewed by Bill Leslie and Lucy Cran for this new series of podcasts that 'aims to explore the rich and diverse contemporary practices of artists who choose to work in educational or participatory settings'. Available on Castbox: LEAP THEN LOOK

Teatro aplicado


This new publication has been compiled by Maria Fukelman, for Collection Ciencias Del Arte. It includes an essay written by Dr Sally Mackay, with Sarah Cole, about NEST - a three-year project, led by Sarah, in a primary school in Basildon, made with artists, dancers and composers. The front cover is from the Airing Cupboard, a performance element developed by Mark Storor in this promenade one-day event.

ISBN: 978-987-3920-57-8