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Messy Business

Work made with Annis Joslin and members of Joining Hands, Joining Hearts, a grass roots charity supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse in Kent. Commissioned by People United

Messy Business is a 20-minute video, consisting of six shorts, each exploring the complexities of abuse as experienced by the women we worked with. This video was later reconfigured at Fabrica, Brighton, along with additional objects, video, audio and drawings. Click here to watch Messy Business on Vimeo.


This performance took place in an old military ambulance, performed to individual audiences around Islington, and was experienced by carers, the general public, health professionals and Jeremy Corbyn.


In-Kind was a performed by actor and carer Erika Poole, produced by Rachel Anderson and commissioned by Air Studios with Islington Council, as part of A Million Minutes.


Preceding In-Kind was Care Full, a site-specific public performance by the carers themselves, housed in the now closed Islington Carers Centre in Archway.


Commissioned by Artangel, this year-long project involved Sarah working with very young parents who attend a drop-in at Coram, Bloomsbury, with producer Rachel Anderson. The final performance was at 101 King's Cross Road, a five-storey three-sided house.

The work included a skater in a basement ice-rink, a woman trapped spinning tea-cups in the attic and another chasing helium balloons above the fireplace. The space was sound-scaped and audiences could roam freely between the five floors, catching intimate moments and bold encounters.

Breath Taking

Commission by Pavilion, Leeds, to work with single mothers and their young children in response to Capability Brown's Golden Valley landscape in the Ashridge Estate. Produced by Linzi Stauvers, a video was made with collaborator Annis Joslin at Ashridge on the day of the Brexit Referendum. Available to watch on Vimeo.

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