In-Kind was developed over a year with Sarah Cole working with long term 'hidden' carers in Islington. The performance (30-minutes in duration) took place inside an old military ambulance, parked at different locations around the borough.

The work was funny, curious, interactive and poignant, and visitors were invited for a cup of tea afterwards to discuss their feelings about the work and their relationship to the subject of care.

88 people saw this work, including Jeremy Corbyn. who was then the MP for Islington.

Commissioned by Islington Council and AIR Studios.

Produced by Rachel Anderson


The work evolved from weekly workshops with carers, and an interim performance in the now closed Islington Carers Centre - Care Full. 


Photos by: Taz Kypriano and Sarah Cole

Performer: Erika Poole

Drawings by: Talya Baldwin