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PUBLICITY: video about the context of the exhibition, with curator Julie Hill
PRESS NEWS: Times Higher Education, Review of Cartographies of Life and Death, 13.03.13
PRESS NEWS: The Journal of Wild Culture, Review of Cartographies of Life and Death
PODCAST: conversation between artist Anne Eggebert and cartographer Chris Grundy, for LSHTM
Weekly Return No. 1
Weekly Return No. 2
Weekly Return No. 3
Weekly Return No. 4
Weekly Return No. 5
13.03.13 17.30hrs
21.03.13 15.00hrs
28.03.13 17.00hrs
10.04.13 16.00hrs
04.04.13 17.00hrs
Sarah Cole and Anne Eggebert’s second formal collaboration was a series of street lectures and performances as part of the John Snow Bicentennary exhibition, Cartographies of Life and Death, with The London School of Hygiene and Tropcial Medicine.
These cross-disciplinary speakers and performers 'returned knowledge' to the streets of Soho on a weekly basis during March and April 2013. Drawing on historical references, William Farr’s Weekly Returns, John Snow's mapping research, Henry Whitehead’s local knowledge and Henry Mayhew’s records of London’s ‘street folk’ during the mid-1800s, these contemporary events offered a range of ideas and beliefs in the form of talks, readings and song. Each of the five events was reproduced as a free weekly publication, available from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s Keppel Street site and various other locations. This exhibition and events were curated by Julie Hill of Artakt and funded by Wellcome.