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Commissioned by the South London Gallery, State of Play was a six month residency working with ATD fourth World and the inhabitants of the Sceaux Gardens housing estate in Peckham.

The research involved an investigation into the history of the housing estate, the people after whom the blocks were named (Colbert, Fontenelle, Mistral, Lakanal, Marie Curie, Florian, Racine and Voltaire) and the lives and languages of the people who live there.

As a result of this residency and an associated major funding bid, Making Play was developed at the South London Gallery and has become an award winning educational project.

During the Sceaux Gardens Summer Festival 1997, State of Play was presented in a disused one-bed flat on the estate, showing videos by Sarah Cole made with residents, and the results of workshops led by Isa Suarez and Chris Jones. Sarah also published a special edition book of photographic postcards, each depicting a resident from one of the nine blocks of flats, 'performing their sense of place'.

These books were distributed to all 400 flats on the estate.

ISBN: 978 1 898461 33 3

Fontenelle's Elephant - photograph from book of postcards.

Birds of a Feather - Exhibition still of video projected into a snow globe. This video, re-titled Shower was later shown at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, 2011.

Curium Bunny - photograph from book of postcards.
External view of exhibition in Flat #18 Florian, during ATD/Sceaux summer festival.