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Sarah Cole was the Lead artist on this year long programme of artist interventions in a secondary school in West Bromwich following initial action research with ENTRY, which investigated the culture of learning within this post-industrial area of urban regeneration.

Taking the physical, emotional and conceptual space of the school as a starting point, six artists were employed to undertake research, in collaboration with staff and students, that established a dialogue around learning, experience and failure, referencing the work of theorist/practitioners such as Augusto Boal and Paulo Friere.

Experiments included flooding the corridors with dry-ice, inviting staff to a meal in an inflatable planetarium, simultaneously launching 1,000 silver helium balloons and establishing a human ant colony in crevices around the school.

Artists taking part in the George Salter Space Programme included: Carl Stevenson, Vicki Stinchcombe and Lottie Child

Coordinated in partnership with Noel Dunne, and funded by Creative Partnerships Black Country.


Sky Full of Aspiration, performance, Cole & Stinchcombe, SSP 2004
Flooded, intervention experiment, Stevenson, SSP 2004
Photographs by Karl Cresser