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"I emerged with a sense that I'd been picked up by a whirlwind and set down somewhere unfamiliar", review by Sara O'Reilly for Time Out, Critics Choice for four weeks.

"A vivid, angry, wistful piece about motherhood", review by Kate Kellaway, Observer [click here to read more]


Smother took place in a three-sided five-storey house in Kings Cross Road, London, throughout the months of May and June 2010. Commissioned by Artangel, the work evolved from a year of conversations and activities with young parents and their children who attend a drop-in at Coram, and was presented as a three-hour durational performance in which the audience glimpsed a 30 minute perspective.

Smother has also been a major contributer to a research study by the Pyschosocial Resaecrh Unit at the University of Central Lancashire, exploring the relationship between artistic practice and personal/social transformation, led by researcher Lynn Froggett. The initial findings of this research were presented at FACT Liverpool in May 2011 - Socially Engaged Arts Practice and New Model Visual Arts Organisations: Trailblazer Symposium - available online.

For more information about this work, including a podcast and additional development material, please go to the Artangel website.

Smother was made in collaboration with composer Jules Maxwell, Jonathan Woolf Architects, Coram Young Parents Project and performers Keli Brown, Vissey Safavi and Danielle Shillingford.