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As the originator and coordinator of Lie of the Land, Sarah Cole's role was to curate artists with an experimental pedagogic approach; involving school staff, pupils and the local community in a series of collaborative interventions.

Lie of the Land was a three year bespoke programme of creative enquiry in a primary school in Basildon. Based on site-specific research, the work focussed on the pastoral provision within the school, exploring the rural/spiritual ambivalent meaning of the word within an academic urban context. The image of the rural and the natural landscape has been used as a medium for more conceptual explorations of community.

A giant nest occupied the hall for a week, artefacts were planted, then found, labelled and curated, using metal detectors in the school grounds, and support staff were engaged in developing a manifesto that promotes process and open-ended critical enquiry. The Essex Symphony Orchestra also came to the school to accompany the screening of a video (made by Mark Storor with student) with a live performance of music by Gustav Mahler.

Lie of the Land formed the foundation from which Nest emerged.

Artists involved in this programme were:
Julian Walker
Mark Storor
Isa Suarez
Jules Maxwell
Rachel Anderson

Sophie Weeks
Work in progress, Julian Walker, LIE OF THE LAND, 2006
Work in progress, Sophie Weeks, LIE OF THE LAND, 2006
Staff Creative Enquiry Weekend at Bore Place, LIE OF THE LAND 2007