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This research project was commissioned as part of a 'Hostings', with artists paired with organisations in Archway. Meeting on a weekly basis with a group of informal carers at Islington Carers Centre, the outcome after four months was a public performance by the carers themselves, at ICC in January 2013. This work later led to a larger project, In-Kind, a one-to-one performance in an ex-military ambulance that toured the borough in February 2014.

Commissioned by Islington Council, produced by AIR, Central St Martins for A Million Minutes, and assisted by Florence Dent. To read more about the process of making Care Full, click here.

Care Full was a three-hour durational performance involving carers exploring repetitive, ritualistic actions within a multi-purpose office environme. The audience were invited to witness and spend time observing these actions and four recorded video performances situated in the space, amidst the sounds of crockery being smashed and songs sung on helium beneath a cascade of safety-pin bunting.

Documentation of Care Full was also presented at the Generative Constraints symposium at the Centre for Creative Collaboration on 16th November 2013, including a screening of the video Loving is Work in the gallery space and discussed at the Arts and Mental Health symposium in March 2014 alongside the work of Kathrin Bohm at Peckham Platform and the work of The Anxiety Festival.